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SR 5/US-1 Federal Highway Bridge Project Development & Environment (PD&E) Study

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Project Purpose

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A. Improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists

The existing bridge does not provide pedestrian or bicycle facilities. Proposed alternatives will evaluate sidewalks for both sides (separated from traffic by a barrier) as well as accommodations for bicyclists. The goal of this evaluation is to maximize the safety of the various modes of transportation using this facility.

B. Perform traffic analysis to improve operation

A detailed traffic analysis will be performed during the PD&E study. This traffic analysis will consider other improvements (transit, roadway, etc.) planned nearby this project and their effect on traffic flow. The goal of this traffic analysis is to minimize delay for the various modes of transportation in the area.

C. Evaluate bridge replacement alternatives

The project team will evaluate bridge replacement alternatives that will address structural deficiencies of the bridge as well as operational concerns associated with frequent openings. The goal is to minimize delay for the various modes of transportation in the area.

D. Minimize environmental impacts associated with improvements

The project team will evaluate alternatives during this PD&E study to avoid and minimize impacts to environmental resources resulting from replacement of the bridge. The avoidance and minimization of environmental impacts includes natural, physical, social and cultural resources within the project area. Commitments will be drafted as part of the environmental documentation and used throughout future phases of the project. A mitigation plan will be evaluated to compensate for unavoidable impacts.